Jason Wiener|p.c. strives to provide flexible and value-based pricing structures to clients.  As a social entrepreneur, I understand the unique needs of start-ups and social enterprises, which are often borne from personal passion and sometimes personal capital. To help you budget for the cost of legal and business consulting services, I utilize the following tools and guidelines:

  • By utilizing a modest retainer at the outset, I am able to keep my hourly rate affordable. Retainers help me with cash flow, and with managing time efficiently. This translates into savings to you through competitive hourly rates and streamlined time management. Jason Wiener|p.c. accepts credit card payments for both invoice balances and to fund retainers, providing flexibility and convenience for clients. Credit card payments can also be made through a secure online portal.
  •  Flexibility is key in my approach to fees. Some clients prefer to operate with evergreen (periodically replenished) retainers to reduce the hassle of monthly invoices. Others are managing their own cash flow, and prefer to transition from the initial retainer to monthly billing.
  •  Fixed-fees can apply for certain types of work when possible. However, some projects work best under the age-old hourly rate structure. When work requires time-billing at our hourly rate, I work efficiently to offer superior value.

 Jason Wiener|p.c. value-pricing is based on:

  • Maintaining lean operations and minimal overhead;
  • Variable hourly rates depending on the nature and complexity of the work;
  • Collaboration with clients. Some clients want to be deeply involved in the iterative process. This can facilitate decision-making and streamline the work. I am equally happy to work with clients who simply want to review and approve the finished product;
  • Supervised law clerks perform some of the deep research that may not otherwise be supported by a client’s budget. Through strategic partnerships with other legal, finance and business specialists, I am able to offer the depth of service often found at much larger law firms;
  • I do not charge for travel within 20-miles of Boulder, Colorado when meeting at client’s offices or premises;
  • I pay for private, clean and accessible meeting space only when needed, which means I can pass along the savings from not maintaining regular meeting space; and
  • I provide “virtual” general counsel services by maintaining expertise in most of the many areas of law and regulation that impact burgeoning businesses, cooperatives, social enterprise, and hybrid forms.


Jason Wiener|p.c.’s value extends beyond legal services, and includes counsel with respect to many other strategic and critical issues.

Jason Wiener p.c. is now: A_BCorp_logo_JW